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The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean is a number revered since antiquity that appears with suprising frequency in natural designs and great works of art. At Golden Ratio Design we believe well-designed computer applications and web tools are recognizable for their simplicity and elegance. We bring this concept to web-based and Palm OS applications for health care clinical desion making and productivity, and to school policy publishing.

Public school board policies are open documents, and the Web has allowed many schools to make their policies readily available to thier constituencies. Using Open Source technologies our Online Policy Manual provides an easy to use and easy to maintain method to publish and update policies.

The Palm OS is the dominant operating system for handheld computing, and for good reasons: simplicity, utility, dependability and a wide range of available software. As a physician dealing with volumes of critical information on a regular basis, the value of handheld computing has been very apparent to me. I have created a few applications for the Palm OS of use to the medical community, and am at work on other applications placing needed databases literally in the palm of the clinician's hand.

The registered version of PainSTAT can be purchased at

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My name is Tony Witte. My wife Ruth and I make our home in Dansville, New York. I am a family physician, working with Tri-County Family Medicine. Ruth is the creator of Growing Places, a nurturing educational environment for preschool and school-age children. Our four sons keep us busy. I enjoy reading, snowboarding, canoeing and backpacking with my sons, and computing. I have been known to stalk spring peepers on occasion.

I can be reached via email at

Last Updated May 4, 2006