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LabCode is a tool for rapid determination of correct diagnosis codes when ordering lab tests to comply with Medicare requirements. LabCode is designed to save time for physicians and improve hospital reimbursement.

LabCode is a Palm OS application that will run on PDA's such as Handspring, Palm and Sony that use the Palm OS operating system. LabCode LMRP requires 650 kbytes of memory. LabCode NCD requires 1050 kbytes of memory. Fast and easy to use, LabCode simplifies the medical necessity coding process.

Figures 1. Using LabCode

LabCode provides two complementary methods to obtain medical necessity data.

To find commonly encountered diagnoses, select the lab procedure by tapping the corresponding button on the Main screen. (Fig. 1). In this example a lipid profile is being ordered in a patient with hypertension. Figure 2.

The Results screen (Fig. 2) shows the ICD-9 code for hypertension as well as other common diagnoses that meet Medicare medical necessity requirements for lipid studies.

Figure 3. Alternatively, go to the Search screen to search the complete list of approved diagnoses for a given procedure. A few letters of the search term can be entered, as in the example "viral pneu" has been entered (Fig. 3). Select the lab procedure CBC. Tap the Find button and the Results screen (Fig. 4) shows matching ICD-9 codes and descriptions.
Figure 4.

LabCode was initially designed to incorporate Local Medical Review Policies (LMRP) as stipulated by the fiscal intermediaries for Medicare. LabCode LMRP currently contains medical necessity codes from Empire Medicare which serves New York State, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware.

Figure 5. In January 2003 Medicare enacted nation-wide medical necessity standards for 23 lab procedures, the National Coverage Decisions. LabCode NCD (Fig. 5) includes the codes for these lab procedures and is applicable in all 50 states.

LabCode was designed and created to facilitate tedious but necessary coding issues, allowing more time for patient care. For more information about LabCode please contact me.

Download Demo Version of LabCode LMRP (80 kbytes zip file, requires 280 kbytes on PDA)

To Obtain LabCode

LabCode NCD is currently not available.

If interested in LabCode contact: Tony Witte, MD

Last Modified September 20, 2006