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Internet Access Required
In order to use LMRP Tool access to the Internet is required. Access can be via dial-up account, DSL, cable modem, hospital network, or any functioning connection. If your office is not already connected to the Internet, you may wish to consider obtaining access as there is a wealth of information and tools for physicians available on the Internet, including free medical references, Medline, and access to the Meditech system at Noyes, to name just a few.

Your Browser is All You Need
No special software is needed for LMRP Tool. Internet Explorer web browser is all that is needed. The browser must be a recent version, 5.0 or higher.

To access LMRP Tool click on the link at the top of this page or here. A login and password is required for access from outside the hospital's network.

Make a Shortcut
It is recommended that you place the LMRP Tool in your Favorites list to speed access next time, or better yet to create a Shortcut to the web site on your desktop. To create the shortcut drag the icon at the left of the address in the Address box onto your desktop.

Once logged into LMRP Tool the window can be minimized when not in use, rather than closed, so that logging in with the password again won't be necessary.

All Together on One Screen
The screen for LMRP shows over 30 lab and radiology procedures. To find out what the correct codes that meet medical necessity are for a lab or radiology procedure for a given clinical diagnosis or symptom simply select the procedure by clicking on the appropriate label then enter a word or phrase into the search field. Click Submit. The results show ICD-9 codes and descriptions meeting medical necessity for the selected procedure. If one of the codes displayed is clinically appropriate then include that code on your requisition. If you already have an appropriate code but want to check for medical necessity compliance, enter the code into the search field and submit.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details on how to use LMRP Tool.

We Want to Help
If you or your staff encounter problems or have suggestions for improvement please contact me at tjwitte@frontiernet.net.

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